August 2023 - Michael Kovner

“Ezekiel’s World” is a graphic novel by Michael Kovner, created as an attempt to depict Ezekiel’s world and its complexity.
In the novel Ezekiel’s character represents both the real and imagined traits of Kovner’s father, Abba Kovner.

As of late, we are experiencing especially turbulent days in Israel, that are urging us to seek art as a processing tool.
The following scene from ״Ezekiel’s World” describes an imaginary confrontation between Ezekiel’s son, Amos, to Ezekiel: Amos returns from military reserve and tells Ezekiel about a difficult experience he had in Hebron.

“If we could lift one more veil
We might reveal
The face of our near ones more than the thing
for which we went to war”
– Michael Kovner